n a 10-year work plan to come, Bina Governmental NGOs want to be great with employees 5,000 people in 2015 (the first book, page 46), while relying on the spirit and the spirit early, the grassroots empowerment. The term variety, which is formulated to finally exact figure Bambang Ismawan by Harry Tjan Silalahi, "helping underprivileged because they felt a great man" (the first book, page 25), according to Frans Magnis Suseno SJ, "tried at the root level rumputbukan community, but with the community to improve their lives "(the first book, p 111).
According to Bambang, to empower people need three lines as a handle working for more than 40 years (the first book, p 22-23). The first path through institutional development. Through community-based cooperatives Bina Governmental accompany more than 20 million families in collaboration with a number of agencies. Through these cooperative pathways initiated first by Bung Hatta as the business community empowerment but stuck dealing with the economic development of the main motif profit margins, as evidenced by Bina Governmental institutions appropriate for community empowerment.
The second pathway via the micro-economic development. Saving, virtue may seem strange at the time as the driving wheel consumerist economy now, by Bambang Ismawan turned on as a second line of empowerment.
He gave an example, in the baskets Cisalak must pay interest of 20 percent per month, in Muara Karang fishing suffered 50 percent interest. Why? Because they are not used to save money, not to set aside part of their income to save. All you need is a paradigm changing attitudes about money, more about attitude.
Bina Governmental since the 1970's to encourage people to save diligently. For this effort disbursed micro credit to over a million people in various cities, and the center adopted the Association for Social Advancement (ASA), which was developed by Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh Grameen Bank.
The third pathway through superior product promotion. Through Poster magazine has introduced at least 19 superior products that raise the standard of living. There agroekspo, development swiftlet, virgin coconut oil, anthurium, freshwater crayfish, red fruit, ant nests, and others that have an impact on the growth of more than 4,000 agribusiness industries.
According to Bambang, the hardest of the three-point line is the second line. There is friction and conflict of interest. Some states are not able to change the role of the companion bill collectors have to guarantee loan repayment, until there is a director suing board of trustees: a difficult job because the changing paradigm mistakenly think that already, of borrowing money means ready ngemplang be ready to return.
Bambang activities beginning with his involvement in the organization of community-oriented small, especially since living in the dormitory Realino Yogyakarta with forging an understanding of politics by Father SJ Beek. The forging of and commitment to the young people he studied and obtained reinforcement of Pastor John Dijkstra SJ, for the financial problems of the Jesuit Father Christian Melchers. The three figures that form Bambang Ismawan as a social entrepreneur who does not rely on a third party, but do so in a sustainable manner because it can berkembangberdasarkan income derived from service itself (the first book, p 32-33).
There are similarities between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, which both make money. The difference, entrepreneur aims to increase shareholder wealth, social entrepreneurship aims to increase the value of the welfare of members of the target community ministry. The figure Bambang Ismawan summarized in both books. He is a social entrepreneur with an umbrella as Bina Governmental NGOs. Bina Governmental conduct business for profit and profit is to empower communities

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