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A software developer is a person or organization concerned with facets of the software development process wider than design and coding, a somewhat broader scope of computer programming or a specialty of project managing including some aspects of software product management. This person may contribute to the overview of the project on the application level rather than component level or individual programming tasks. Software developers are often still guided by lead programmers but also encompasses the class of freelance software developers.

Free Download Developer Tools

Free virus by Norton Internet Security 2008 Web Page Maker 3.1
Create and upload a professional Web page without knowing HTML.
Bloodshed Dev-Pascal 1.9.2
Write and compile programs in Pascal.
8 mb
DzSoft PHP Editor
Write, edit, and debug your PHP scripts and HTML/XML pages.
Free to try
2.87 Mb
JawaBeginner 1.6.2
Develop and edit Java programs on your PC.
(From pivotonic ):
JawaBeginner has a good editor and many useful functionalities to help develop Java programs. It features real-time compilation for Java, JSP, and XML files; Java and JSP code completion; open source files from compile error and run exception; code navigation; the ability to decompile class file to Java file directly; quick-open file; Ant Builder; and a quick go-to method.
2.72 mb
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1
run-time elements for applications created with .NET
2.82 mb
Perl Builder 2k
Build Perl CGI scripts with this full-featured IDE.
Free to try
2.53 mb
PL/SQL Developer 7.1.5
Handle PL/SQL program units with this integrated development environment.
15.87 mb
Python 3.1
Create large shell scripts using high-level data structures.
Python is a powerful object oriented programming language. Clean syntax, high-level data structures, dynamic typing, and rich support libraries combine to make Python a very productive tool for many types of programming.
13.17 mb
Source Edit 4.0 revision 3
Edit programs in ASP, PHP, Java, C/C++, and other languages.
3.73 mb
UI Builder for Microsoft Access 3.4
Configure and enhance your MS Access projects easily.
Free to try
2.08 mb
Free to try
3.67 mb

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