In cryptography, encryption is the process of transforming information (referred to as plaintext) using an algorithm (called cipher) to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key. The result of the process is encrypted information (in cryptography, referred to as ciphertext). In many contexts, the word encryption also implicitly refers to the reverse process, decryption (e.g. “software for encryption” can typically also perform decryption), to make the encrypted information readable again (i.e. to make it unencrypted).

Encryption has long been used by militaries and governments to facilitate secret communication. Encryption is now commonly used in protecting information within many kinds of civilian systems. For example, in 2007 the U.S. government reported that 71% of companies surveyed utilized encryption for some of their data in transit. Encryption can be used to protect data "at rest", such as files on computers and storage devices (e.g. USB flash drives). In recent years there have been numerous reports of confidential data such as customers' personal records being exposed through loss or theft of laptops or backup drives. Encrypting such files at rest helps protect them should physical security measures fail. Digital rights management systems which prevent unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted material and protect software against reverse engineering (see also copy protection) are another somewhat different example of using encryption on data at rest.

Encryption is also used to protect data in transit, for example data being transferred via networks (e.g. the Internet, e-commerce), mobile telephones, wireless microphones, wireless intercom systems, Bluetooth devices and bank automatic teller machines. There have been numerous reports of data in transit being intercepted in recent years. Encrypting data in transit also helps to secure it as it is often difficult to physically secure all access to networks. There are two common approaches to network encryption.(free article from wikipedia)

Encryption software to protect data is useful and important information from theft of your property the destroyer. This software with the presence of data to be useful not only for the thief and that you need your data. Use encryption software to secure and safety your data from theft. We provide a decryption and encryption software, you can download it for free.

Free Download Encryption Software

Tested Virus and Spyware Free by Norton Internet Security 2008
Kruptos 2
Encrypt, decrypt, and protect files and folders on your PC or other storage devices.
2.15 mb
KeyGen RC4 Encryption Key Maker 4.0
Create super cryptic passwords using a RC4 Encryption Algorithm using passphrase and password.
Free to try
3.2 Mb
MD5 Checker 2.31
Verify MD5 checksum download codes.
28.58 kb
RoboForm 6.9.95 Reduce multiple passwords to one single item.
Free to try
2.8 mb
Folder Lock 6.2.5
Password-protect, lock, hide, or encrypt files, folders, drives, and USB drive in seconds.
Free to try
2.8 mb
SecureZIP for Windows 12.20.0021
Secure and compress files made in your Microsoft Office applications.
13.7 mb
Hotspot Shield 1.17
Maintain your anonymity and protect your privacy when accessing free Wi-Fi hotspots.
3.4 mb
Secure your private and sensitive information from snoopers.
Free to try
4.15 mb
TrueCrypt 6.2
Encrypt your sensitive data with this open-source software.
3.03 mb
WirelessKeyView 1.27
Retrieve and save wireless network keys in your computer.
48 kb
Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6.2808
Protect your PC from hackers, Trojans, and malicious code intrusions.
Free to try
8.8 mb
Folder Access Pro 2
Password-protect your files and folders.
Free to try
4.11 mb
dirLock 1.4
Protect your folders by hiding or locking them.
141 kb
ID Vault 5.0
Log in to all your online accounts securely and with a single PIN.
Free to try
2.73 mb
Secret Keeper 2.0.2
Keep all your confidential info secure & encrypted in one place.
Free to try
10 mb
BlueGem Keystroke Encryption Pro
Protect your keystrokes including password with a 128-bit Keystroke Encryption technology.
Free to try
7.49 mb
BSecureZIP Express 12.2
Secure and compress files made in your Microsoft Office applications.
13.7 mb
Signature995 6.1
Digitally sign PDF documents and Office documents.
478 kb

FlyingBit Password Keeper

Store your passwords, serial numbers, and codes.
2 mb
Secure files with 256-bit AES encryption.
1.48 mb
Cryptainer LE Free
128 bit disk encryption software.
3.06 mb

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